Booking platforms

Google Ad Exchange

Advertisers and agencies can now buy ads across InDaily and InQueensland via Google AdX, using real-time bidding technology.  It is the largest ad exchange worldwide. Speak to our sales team for more information and to discuss opportunities for private auction, preferred deal and programmatic guaranteed campaigns.


Clients and agencies can now plan, buy and optimise digital media across the Solstice Media network using the Adslot Media platform. Adslot Media is an independent Programmatic Guaranteed technology that scales publisher-direct media buying through a direct connection with publisher ad servers. With its proprietary Audience First feature, buyers can plan and buy premium products with their first-party data, across publishers.

Self-serve ad booking system

Solstice Media have partnered with independent programmatic platform Viztrade to offer clients the ability to book advertising campaigns to run across InDaily using the Viztrade Connect platform. Viztrade Connect is an automated trading system that provides full transparency of the cost of the media. Clients are able to purchase run-of-site advertising, at a fixed price, with guaranteed delivery.