Solstice Media acquires SALife and Masthead Studio

South Australian-owned media company, Solstice Media, publisher of InDaily, today announced it had acquired South Australian magazine SALife and Masthead Studio, publisher of CityMag.

The acquisition, effective from June 29, 2018, will position Solstice Media as the state’s leading independently-owned local media outlet, bringing employment and publishing opportunities to the state.

As part of the shareholder-funded acquisition, all SALife staff will join Solstice Media to produce the monthly magazine, its website and related publications SAGardens & OutdoorSALife Food & Wine and SAHomes & Interiors. Digital platforms will be added to all the brands.

SALife was started 15 years ago in South Australia by David Smith and his family’s business Canongate Partners Pty Ltd.  It quickly grew into the state’s top magazine, TV program and lifestyle media brand.

Masthead Studios, which publishes CityMag, was the brainchild of entrepreneur Josh Fanning.  It has become the voice of the city and its youth, showcasing the city’s transformation.

In addition to CityMag, Masthead Studio was acquired by Solstice to create a much-needed quality content marketing division to create bespoke content for South Australian organisations.

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