Starting on Wednesday, June 8th InDaily will publish a 4pm version of its popular Express email – bringing readers up to date with the latest breaking news from South Australia, interstate and overseas.

The morning edition of Express will continue to be delivered to readers’ inboxes at the start of each weekday, with a strong focus on breaking local news and the most important developments from further afield.

Our flagship 12.30pm edition will be the place to access our most impactful journalism: exclusive breaking news stories, investigations, deeper explorations of important issues, our new current affairs podcast, intelligent opinion, and more.

You’ll notice some other changes from this week: the InReview arts magazine will shift to Saturday mornings and CityMag will be delivered to subscribers in the mornings instead of afternoons.

We will reintroduce our food newsletter, The Forager, as a monthly compendium of the best food and wine news and reviews from our full suite of titles: InDaily, CityMag, SALIFE magazine and InReview.

We’ll also provide subscribers with a new monthly round-up of news and features from South Australia’s regions.

The daily “What we know today” news blog, which we began in the early days of the pandemic, will be replaced by more comprehensive breaking news reportage.

Subscribers will be able to easily access the day’s breaking news via our two Express editions, the 12.30 flagship bulletin, and a dedicated place on our website. Details will be in the daily emails.

As always with InDaily, our work will be free to access, either by subscribing to our emails or simply visiting

Our work remains fiercely independent and dedicated to our community.

Existing Express subscribers don’t need to do anything further to access the 4pm edition.

For anyone not already a subscriber, they can select a range of free options from our subscriber page.

Advertising opportunities remain — sponsorship of the top and bottom banners and/or medium rectangles. Sponsored content will continue to feature.

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact a member of our commercial team.

Thanks for reading and supporting InDaily.