Register your interest for trading

To register your interest in trading Solstice Media Pty Ltd shares please contact our Chief Finance Officer at the address below.

Chief Finance Officer
Kathryn Shaw
Solstice Media Pty Ltd
08 8224 1600

For more information on trading shares, you can contact:

Baker Young Stockbrokers
08 8236 8888

Taylor Collison
08 8217 3900


Shares for sale Offers to purchase
Seller Number of shares Price per share ($) Buyer Number of shares Price per share ($)
CW 16,667 $1.00
SI 7,720 $1.00
JM 7,720 $1.00


The identity of interested buyers and sellers will only be disclosed to persons who register an interest.

Some of the Sellers and Buyers displayed in this table may have already agreed or transacted with a corresponding Buyer or Seller.

Once the transfer is complete, the Register will be updated to reflect this.