Independent Publishing

Independent Publishing

Solstice Media is a unique South Australian company working on innovative Australian publishing projects.

Backed by a group of South Australian investors in 2004, Solstice Media first produced a weekly newspaper, The Independent Weekly. In 2010 this morphed into the award-winning daily digital news service, InDaily, which is the company’s flagship publication.

Solstice Media has built a reputation for developing start-up digital media products specifically designed to engage with a target audience. To achieve this the company takes content very seriously and produces the highest standard of independent news and information, delivered through the most innovative platforms.

With a team of over 50 staff, Solstice Media has become recognised for its pioneering work on digital news projects. These include: The Lead which is a news service about South Australia specifically produced for international media; The New Daily, which is national daily news service produced out of Melbourne by Solstice Media’s subsidiary company, Motion Publishing.

The company also produces a fortnightly digital news magazine in collaboration with The Office for the Ageing, produced for the 60-plus market called WeekendPlus; a weekly digital newsletter about South Australia’s food and wine scene The Forager; The religious newspaper, The Southern Cross.

In 2018, Solstice Media acquired South Australian magazine SALIFE; a monthly magazine as well as related publications SAGARDENS & OUTDOOR LIVINGSALIFE Food&Wine and SAHOMES & INTERIORSand Masthead Studio, publisher of CityMag; the voice of the city and its youth, showcasing the city’s transformation.