The City of Adelaide Prize is a category within the prestigious South Australian Architecture Awards Program which recognises innovative projects that enliven the City’s public spaces and engage with the community.

The City of Adelaide and the Australian Institute of Architects are working together to support the enhancement of public spaces in the City.

Vote for the project you feel best represents this. Voters go in the draw to win a $100 voucher to be used at Soi38.

Frangipani House

Architects Ink

A contemporary addition to North Adelaide, Frangipani House asserts its own identity while being sympathetic to the neighbouring residences and greater suburb.

Divided into two wings with different living experiences, the front wing inserts itself into Nantu Wama Park. The ribbon balcony and low-fencing fosters interaction with the street, where the welcoming frontage provides transparency and connection to the community. Internally, the cantilevered balcony obstructs vision to the street from the primary living areas, directing focus to the age-old gums. The rear wing shifts focus to the environment created within the walled-courtyard, one of purity and serenity, where the only external influence is the drifting sky over.

A restrained palette of earnest and durable materials ensures the home will endure the wear of daily life, while creating rich textural layering. Crafted by local artisans, the home is built with integrity for longevity to match the calibre of it’s esteemed neighbours.

Voting for the City of Adelaide prize is currently closed.