The City of Adelaide Prize is a category within the prestigious South Australian Architecture Awards Program which recognises innovative projects that enliven the City’s public spaces and engage with the community.

The City of Adelaide and the Australian Institute of Architects are working together to support the enhancement of public spaces in the City.

Vote for the project you feel best represents this. Voters go in the draw to win a $100 voucher to be used at Soi38.

‘One: all that we can see’, public artwork by Sundari Carmody at Lot Fourteen, Adelaide

Sundari Carmody

A major new artwork entitled ‘One: all that we can see’ touched down in Adelaide’s Lot Fourteen innovation district. The sculpture is by artist Sundari Carmody and was unveiled in June 2022.

The sculpture is a striking four-metre diameter ring made from black steel tube with a small white perspex section at the top of the ring that is internally illuminated by high-intensity LED. It represents the ratio suggested by contemporary physicists between the visible and invisible universe: the hypothesis is that 95% of the universe is made up of dark matter and dark energy, leaving only 5% of ‘normal matter’ visible.

The Government of South Australia funded public artwork is installed in Australia’s most exciting ‘ideas’ neighbourhood, outside the Australian Space Discovery Centre, and contributes to the transformation of Lot Fourteen’s North Terrace frontage and forms part of the public environment to spark curiosity, inspiration and sharing of ideas.

Voting for the City of Adelaide prize is currently closed.