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1. InDaily will accept multiple listings from the same agency on the one day but not list multiple agents on the one day

2. Your property(s) will be the only listing for the day

3. Booking is not confirmed until the payment is processed

4. Properties and listing need to be of an executive nature and will be published at the discretion of InDaily

5. In the instance of a sale before the listing has been run, refunds after Credit Card payment has been processed will not be made. Credit will be kept for agency to be used in 12 months

6. Cost of listing $350.00 + GST. Cost is subject to change

7. Photos of property must be of professional quality

8. InDaily will choose the lead image published on the InDaily EDM

9. The suburb will always be the title on the EDM

10. Please note all information submitted may be published unless specified otherwise.

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