The individuals and groups that lead South Australia’s agricultural and regional communities were recognised at the 2022 Regional Showcase and Agricultural Town of the Year awards.

Mypolonga crowned 2022 Agricultural Town of the Year


It’s affectionately known as “Mypo”, and the River Murray town has certainly won the hearts of all who visit. The entrepreneurial drive of the townspeople to make use of all their strengths has made a winner of Mypolonga.

2022 Finalists

Crystal Brook

Crystal Brook has been the Southern Flinders Ranges agricultural hub for generations. The town fosters a culture of productivity, with successful agriculture and related business startups flourishing. These include Perry’s Fuel, Kerin’s Chemical Agencies, Wardle Co, and Rocky River Ag. These businesses, with offices throughout the Mid North have helped to drive regional development, bringing jobs to the area while still remaining locally owned.


Kapunda is a producer of cereal crops, mainly wheat, barley and oats. Value-added services carried out by local industry include stock feed milling and hay processing. Kapunda is a contributor to the wine-growing industry centred in the nearby Barossa Valley. The town Kapunda proudly avoided a substantial rate increase for their farming community during the primary production properties land revaluation within the Council.


The Mypolonga community has proven resilient in successfully adapting to drought, frost and COVID-19 restrictions, maintaining their market share and energy to explore new avenues. The community has evolved from a traditional orchard and dairy-farming soldier’s settlement into a boutique market town with an online presence. Mypolonga’s local primary school plays an educative role in business operations, running a local shop within the school.


Orroroo is the service centre for the farming district which supports present day cereal cropping and pastoral pursuits. The Orroroo district has recently experienced one of the most severe droughts in history. As a region founded on agriculture, the impacts of drought are far reaching, and recovery is still a way off for some.


Waikerie is located 170km NE of Adelaide and is known as the Gateway to the Riverland. The lush green orchards and vineyards interspersed with dry land farming is a fantastic sight as you travel the highway.The Waikerie district consists of agricultural, horticultural and viticultural developments and has a large number of commodity processing plants.

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