Category Awards

Individual awards are presented to finalists who are exemplary in their fields.

Emerging Industries Award
Recognises an individual contributing to or a company operating in one of the Emerging Industries that will contribute to the prosperous future of our state.

Entrepreneurial Award
Recognises an outstanding lateral business thinker and risk taker exhibiting entrepreneurial flair.

Discovery Award
Recognises an innovative leader in a life sciences enterprise whose business activities have high impact potential for future health outcomes.

Sustainable Business Leaders Award
Recognises a person who has created visionary technologies that can sustainably enhance human experience and capabilities.

Creative Thinker Award
Recognises the person who best demonstrates thinking creatively in relation to any aspect of their business or endeavours, and showing the use of innovation to progress.

Game Changer Award
Recognises a person who has re-written the rules of business to challenge, inspire and spark significant change.

Inspiring Female Leaders Award
Recognises an outstanding female who leads, inspires and pushes the boundaries of the business community.

Rural and Regional Award
Recognises an individual who demonstrates influence and leadership in contributing to the prosperity of a rural or regional business and community.

Social Impact Award
Recognises an individual who is challenging conventional thinking by driving social innovation in a for-profit, social enterprise, NFP or through philanthropy.

Inspiring Future Leaders Award
Recognises the vision, thought, leadership and achievement of a leader in the private or public sector.

First Among Equals Award
Selected by the judging panel as the finalist who embodies the 40 Under 40 program as the First Among Equals.


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